About the school

The studio started out as just a ballet studio in 2000 when it was taken over in its existing form. The pupils were entered into the Celebration of Dance eisteddfod held at the Bellville Civic Centre for the first time. A total of 15 ballet students entered and they fared very well. A gold medal was awarded to Caryn van de Coolwijk for her ballet solo.  Pupils participated in ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance and two pupils were awarded their Grade 8 Award. In September we entered the Overberg eisteddfod and are awarded an A+ for a Ballet quartet and some of the solos. The year was ended off with a ballet concert held at the Hermanus High School called “Four Seasons” and although the concert was ballet only, a few modern dance items was demonstrated as well with the aim to introduce it as a dance discipline the following year.

In 2001 we introduced a few modern dance grades along with the existing balletones and the studio was now able to accommodate more pupils who were interested different dance styles. That year we entered the Cape Town eisteddfod and the Overberg eisteddfod. We also entered for the ballet exams and modern dance examinations according to the Association for International Dance Teachers for the first time. The tragic passing of my dad in June that year caused a lot of sadness to me throughout the year and I devoted the concert “Light” at the end of the year to his memory. The concert was a huge success. It was divided into 7 sections according to the colours of the rainbow, using the concept of shining white light through a prism. I danced a solo “The Rose”, on one of his favourite songs, in the Indigo colour section. Afterwards, I received some lovely letters from the parents complementing the show.

The next year I joined a group along with
other pupils from my dance teacher, Deborah Mc Fadden to take a trip to Italy and participate in the Dance Grand Prix, Italy in Cesena. The group was lead by Viv Pullen and Jen Stretch and we entered the Modern/Contemporary and Hip hop section. We were awarded 3rd place in the overall Modern dance section that year in Italy.

Because of premises becoming unavailable, at the studio in Hermanus, we had to move to Onrus River and this caused a big loss of pupils. We prepared for the Celebration of dance eisteddfod in May and the Overberg eisteddfod. We were awarded 4 A+’s for groups and more for solos and also won the trophy for the best overall ballet duet, Caryn van de Coolwijk and Thea Esterhuysen. We did exams in ballet with the RAD and Modern dance exams with the AIDT. The end of year concert was entitled “And this is how I feel”, and held on 8 November at the Hermanus High School.

What we offer

Ballet classes from the age 3 ½-18 years

Pupils are taught the Royal Academy of Dance method

All levels of grades, higher grades and vocational grades

Modern dance classes form the age 5-18

Pupils are taught according to the Association for International Dance Teachers method. All grades and levels from Pre grade - Advanced Associate classes

Hip hop classes from ages 10-18

Pupils are taught according to the Association for International Dance Teachers method

Grades from Junior 1 – Elite

Tap classes from ages 9-18

Pupils are taught according to the Theatre Dance Association method

Grades from Beat feet Intro - Beat feat 4

Contemporary classes

These are taught to selected pupils who study ballet at vocational level and modern dance.

Salsa classes LA style

Adult classes


  1. Ballet, Modern dance, Hip hop & Tap examinations / medals

  2. Cape Town eisteddfod

  3. Celebration of Dance eisteddfod

  4. Theatre Dance Association eisteddfod

  5. Vocational grade examinations

  6. Choreography competitions

  7. Annual show

  8. Auditions

  9. Workshops


Andriëtte Roux

I come from a family of school teachers, head masters and psychologists. This has greatly contributed to my love for children and teaching. My other passion is dance and I am fortunate to combine all three these aspects in my career.

I am a dance teacher and teach the following dance disciplines: Hip hop, Salsa, Contemporary, Ballet, Modern dance and Tap. I currently have a dance studio, Andriette Roux School of Dance in Hermanus and have been working here for since 2000. I also teach at the Curro pre-school in Hermanus and the Kids Kingdom pre-school in Durbanville. I have been teaching and choreographing dance since high school years of my life.

I have my ballet teacher’s diploma with the Royal Academy of Dance and hold an award, the ARAD (Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance) which means I completed all my ballet exams as a dancer and am a qualified ballet teacher with the RAD.

I have my Advanced Associate with the Association for International Dance Teachers and teach modern dance and hip hop under this qualification.

I have my Tap Associate with the Theatre Dance Association.

I attend dance classes regularly and was a member of the Northern Dance Project and the Gaia Dance Project with whom I traveled to perform at the Grahamstown Arts festival as well as Paros in Greece and the New Prague dance Festival in the Czech Republic since 2007. In 2002 I was part of a Cape Town group that traveled to Italy to take part in the Dance Grand Prix. We attained 3rd and 1st places in these international dance competitions.

I have judged a dance competition in Hawston at the Hawston Secondary School and the dance section of the “Live your Dream” Competition and judged the dance section. The gala evening was held on 17 September 2010 in the Sandbaai Hall.

I enter my studio for eisteddfods once a year. We have won sections in these eisteddfods for ballet and modern dance. We have also entered competitions, championships and bursaries in the Overberg as well as Cape Town area. One of my now  an ex-pupil, Ashley Scott, won the Advanced 1 RAD bursary as well as the Western Cape Regional RAD bursary and bronze in the International RAD Genee’ Ballet competition.

Each dance discipline enters for examinations once a year and we end the year off with a show. Every year we boast with several distinctions obtained in the examinations and emphasis is placed on progression in each child’s development as a dancer and person acquiring life skills. It is also exciting to say that every year the school as a whole delivers “Honours”, “Diploma” and “Finals” as results and also growth in each child’s abilities.

The studio exists in its current form since 2000, and before that was the Caron Katz Ballet School. We do classes in the St Peter’s church hall and the ProActive gym in Hermanus. In 2011 we hosted two dance workshops from judges and choreographers K-Roc and Didi Moses form “So You Think You Can Dance” SA fame, which was a huge success and enjoyed by all.


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